Monday, 2 February 2009

The Perfect Attitude

My previous post had a huge emphasis on change. I had lots of things I needed to do to become a better web designer and a better student at that stage. Two weeks later and I'm well into the new assignments with a much better attitude to work. I've been regularly checking on the forum for helpful information which has meant I fully understand the current assignments.

The biggest change for me has been with time management. A huge aspect of learning the outline of each assignment has been in the production schedules. When I was making them it allowed me to look into each section in the assignments and study it fully to understand the time in which it will take. The regulation of my time has meant that I have kept focused and on top of the work, and feel positive about both assignments.

I am looking forward to the creating aspects of each assignment most. This is because I love running through the developing stage of a design and coming out with a final product you are pleased with. This is the part I get most out of.

I have found the group work for the A6 assignment very enjoyable. Interacting with others and discussing different people’s opinions has really helped me to learn different methods of approaching assignments. I am lucky in that our group gets on well and everyone is willing to pull their weight. I am looking forward to developing our ideas to the final stage of presentation.

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