Friday, 23 October 2009

A8 - iMe Self Assessment

In this journal post I aim to justify my grade for my recent SMLP (Self Managed Learning Plan) assignment. In this assignment I was challenged to learn a new scripting language and then give evidence of my learning through a suitable project. I chose to learn PHP and MySQL, and evidenced my learning in a final website tutorial.

Firstly in order to gain a pass level. I must have met all the learning outcomes I originally set out to do in my learning plan. Here is a list of the learning objectives, and how I did with each one:

Learning Objective 1 - Research into industrial uses of PHP and MySQL
This learning objective was met in the form of a research page. There is definite evidence that both scripts were clearly understood and put into context of todays industry.

Learning Objective 2 - Develop skills to the point were I could use them in a website
A clear understanding of development occured in this section. The research took a more specific route into the learning the scripts and the evifence came both in the research pages and in the creation of the website.

Learning Objective 3 - Create a fully functioning website
The evidence for this section can be found at, where the scripts have been used to create a tutorial styled website, which guides you through a few of the basic scripts learnt.

Learning Objective 4 - Evaluation of assignment
This learning objective was met in the form of a written evaluation. It was a very open evaluation where the whole assignment was reviewed and strengths and weaknesses were highlighted throughout.

After assessing the merit criterial I realised a few gaps in my workings. This means that after passing all of the learning objectives, I will reward myself with a Pass.

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