Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Truths About Web Design

Dave Pannell and Craig Burgess from The Design Mechanics managed to change
my preconceptions of a ‘lecture’. They produced an informative, interactive presentation that taught me a lot about my future in web design, during and after college.

On starting this course my hope was to eventually start my own business. I found the talk very helpful in this aspect of my ambitions. Dave put forward how important it was to build a business from the bottom and look at it as a long term expansion. This teaches me not to be overly eager for instant success as the web design industry is a process that is learnt over time.

A key aspect of the talk was about employability. Dave spoke of how employers are not just looking for web designers; they are looking for employees with the whole package. Each stage of the design is vital, and this relates to my current studies, in that I must be able to master each course assignment in a similar way to increase my chances of employability.

When working as a web designer, the ability to draw vast amount of detail and ideas from clients is crucial. You must learn everything about them as far as there hobbies, likes and dislikes. From this information a suitable design brief can be put together and only then can idea generation begin.

In a similar way, you must gain as much client criticism on discarded designs so you then know how to go about making amendments to them. This taught me that a lot of background research is required on clients and then designs must be developed through this information.

Overall I found this presentation extremely helpful. It has managed to fulfil my perceptions on web design and gave me more confidence in this course.


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