Saturday, 29 November 2008


The tempo has picked up over the last two weeks of the course. With two new assignments, and the realisation that my first assignment isn’t quite over, the first feelings of stress set in. Just like most of the group I was disappointed to have failed the first assignment. I felt, however, that it helped to bring me back down to earth, realising that the course wasn’t going to be plain sailing. The feedback I received was helpful in allowing me to produce a perfect piece of work, pointing out the errors I made and explaining how to change them.

With the referral fresh on my mind I found it difficult to focus on the two new assignments at first. I found myself a bit lost and wanting to ask far too many questions, but as the tuition and the step-by-step planning proceeded I soon began to understand what was expected of me. A couple of weeks in and I am back on track with both new assignments.

The parts of the course I was most looking forward to was the designing aspect. I was relieved that we finally did some layout designs and it made me feel happier now we were moving more towards designing. I also now understand why we learnt some of the other topics that I originally thought weren’t relevant. I now have a much greater background knowledge of the subject and it has allowed me to understand more of the words and phrases used in designing. This has made me feel a lot more comfortable on the course.

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