Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Tale Of Typography Tasks

The first of the short typography tasks have begun over the last two weeks. I really feel that things are moving in the right direction now as these tasks have taught me a lot about design. They have been the most enjoyable part of the course so far as I was able to put all the learning into practice and test my own abilities.

I have always been sceptical about drawing millions of rough sketches before moving into a design as I tended to always have a couple of ideas in my head, and go with them. During these tasks, however, my opinion has been changed. Through the sketching and development of my ideas I found that I was coming up with much more suitable and appealing designs, which in turn is making me a better designer.

We have also recently begun
typography tests in identifying fonts. I was very suprised when the first test happened and it made me a little uneasy. In not having a home computer for the last few weeks, font revision was something I hadn't been able to do at all. The lack of work reflected in my first mark of 5 out of 22. This really told me I needed to get learning, but without a computer I didn't get a chance before the next test. A last second look through some fonts bumped my score to 12 which i was happy with. I know now I have to crack on and get learning different typefaces asap.

There is a certain sense of relief at the moment because most people have found out they have passed the A2 referals and also the christmas break is soon upon us. It's making for a nice relaxed atmosphere which is a lot more enjoyable to work in.

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