Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Not Long to Logo

The A7 assignment, along with the first year, is quickly drawing to an end. There is a definite sense of finishing on a high as it had been the best assignment so far. This is because I have found it both challenging and enjoyable; stretching my new found abilities to the max. I have learnt a lot through the assignment and it has solidified my previous learning through many practical exercises.

Initial I found the logo design frustrating as it was the first time with a client you have to get used to them saying no to your ideas. As I went on I became less attached with the ideas and design purely with the client in mind. Here is the postcard I have produced using the variation of my logo design:

The CD artwork allowed me to be a little more artistic in this project which I enjoyed. I organised and arranging interesting scenes using pebbles, and with a good quality camera was able to achieve some effective design pieces. I found working with your own images much easier and much more effective than taking from stock, and you can get your own precise desired effect easily.

I have been practising at making websites for a couple of weeks now and am looking forward to the web build as it’s a good opportunity to test my skills. It will also give me a good sense of achievement to be able to display my hard work in this assignment through an individual and devoted website.

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