Sunday, 5 April 2009

One To Go

Finding out I had two passes in the last assignments was a huge relief. It always feels good to get something under your belt and will take the pressure off out next assignment as I can stay more focused. Again I have learnt a lot from the feedback and now want to push towards improving my grade to a merit.

Huge issues still surround my time management and recoding of work on the time sheets. If I put in the hours and record it accurately I know I can improve my grades. I believe the work I do is of a high standard but at times there just isn’t enough of it, this is something I’ve always been told throughout my education.

At the end of the last two assignments it really feels like the years coming to an end. The introduction of the last assignment requires me to apply all the knowledge I have learnt over the year, and is a good way to round everything up. It gives me a clear indication of how far I have come this year.

At first I was a little surprised with the assignment as we are on a web design course and it is a collaboration of music based graphic design pieces. However, I could see its relevance in teaching us about all different types of design. I have been encouraged by the research I’ve done and already have a broader knowledge of all design aspects.

I have spent the last few weeks doing a lot of research into website builds. As already opportunities have arose as I’ve been asked to make two websites. I’ve really enjoyed learning new skills and putting them to practise, it has clearly solidified my thoughts about my career as this is something I would love to carry on.

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