Tuesday, 21 October 2008

D Day

The first deadline has been and gone, in what has been a fairly relaxed beginning to the web design course. Time management was less of an issue than I possibly would have liked. I found myself being able to get on with this assignment in a comfortable, casual manor. This made for a good start to the course with minimal pressure, allowing the group plenty of time to gel. I am now comfortable with the people around me making it a more enjoyable experience. If I were to do this again I would have managed my time to complete the assignment earlier, leaving me even more time to check and correct.

I noticed around the room there were a few anxious faces when the deadline was looming, and it sparked others to question there own work. I managed to pull myself away from this and stayed relaxed up to the deadline. It definitely made me feel much more comfortable with the work I had done and ensured no unnecessary stress.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable with the course and look forward to future assignments because I have more of a feel for the way things are done. The steady start was a great way to integrate us into the course; however, I do feel that I am slightly unaware of the pressure that will be placed upon me through these next few assignments, making me slightly anxious.

Overall I now have a positive outlook on the course, and I am more satisfied that I am heading down the right route.

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