Friday, 3 October 2008

Where I’ve come from; where I am now; where I’m going.

In starting the HND Interactive Media course in Web Design at Wakefield College, I know I have a lot to prove to myself. Going back to the very beginning of my education I was considered to be at a higher level than student of my age. Subsequently I was moved up a year and continued to be in the top group excelling in maths and science and art. Personal problems during the later end of my education made learning difficult and these reflected in my work and my results. I still managed to achieve three A-levels with a C in maths, however, I still feel I can now achieve closer to my full potential through this course.

After finishing my A-levels I took a year out to decide upon what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I first landed a job as a transmission engineer; quickly realising this wasn’t right for me, I began looking at new options. I had always been interested in computing but my previous college had a poor I.T facility and I thought the lack of qualifications would make a career like this impossible. I began to look for I.T apprenticeships and as I was doing so, a friend actually pointed the Web Design course out to me. After inquiring I found out I had sufficient qualifications and I realised it was something I really wanted to do.

I have already dabbled in design work and coding, including the design and editing of my band's web page, but not to a high enough standard. My aim for the course is to be able to make a career out of web design. Therefore, I want to be able to master each section of the course so I can be employable to a wide range of businesses. A hope for the future is also to become skilled enough to set up my own business.

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