Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Le Debut

It was a pleasing start to the course for me. To my surprise I started to feel a part of the team very quickly despite missing the induction week.

I quickly realised there were other students that had a much greater understanding of web design than I did. This made me feel a little behind other students from the off, however, it gave me a larger incentive to get my head down and learn more about the web design. I found it difficult hearing different words and phrases being used, that I had never heard before. Through asking I found that everyone was happy to expand and I have already learnt a lot of new things within these first few weeks.

In the past I have often been poor at asking questions but the college forum has allowed all my questions to be answered, and allowed me to progress on the assignment much quicker.

I have always found myself guilty of doing things last minute. Within the first week I realised if I was to carry on like this then the course would become very difficult and I would find myself missing deadlines. I now have a much greater understanding of time management and am allowing more time for work during my week.

All in all I have a positive impression of the first few weeks and still look forward to learning new skills and developing my abilities, although I know there are many more challenging assignments to come.

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