Thursday, 10 September 2009

Discovering PHP and MySQL

The task is to come up with our very own Self Managed Learning Plan (SMLP) into a scripting language of our choice. After doing some research into different languages I have settle on PHP and some aspects of MySQL. I will initially study through all the basics of PHP and try to gain a good understanding of the entire language.

PHP is a multi-purpose scripting language for web development. A couple of practical reasons for PHP are that it extends your design possibilities, allowing you to create more dynamic web pages. It is also very compatible as it works across all operating systems and is free of charge.

I will then be learning the MySQL, which stands for 'My Structured Query Language' and is a relational database management system. I will be learning MySQL specifically in relation to PHP with such functions allowing me to access MySQL database servers. This means I can create my very own databases online.

I have already discovered many online learning facilities and tutorials in which I can base all my research. My method of learning will be to compile notes and back up those notes with practical implications fot the two languages. By learning the two languages in conjunction with one another I will be able to create dynamic database driver web sites. The knowledge of these two languages is said to be very sought after in industry.

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