Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ok, I'm Back

With the start of the second year, it's time to look back at the past and look forward to the future. I am still very keen to push through my problems in the first year. Referrals were too frequent and I want to cut that down this year. I know I can do this by planning my time better and staying more organized. I also need to plan in time to do my work each week.

After the long break though I have become a little bit rusty, and I think I with just need a few weeks to find my feet again. Despite this I am fairly confident in my approach to this year, and I know I can improve on my results of last year. It would definitely be good to get a few merits and even a distinction.

I am looking forward to the new assignments and cracking on with them. Having already started the self managed learning plan it's something I feel I could do well in. I am looking forward to learning new scripting languages that I will be able to implement into some more complex web pages. In learning these new languages it also widens my knowledge of web design and in the long term makes me more employable.

I feel like this year is time to get my web designers head on and stay more focused on the course. This way I should make myself ready for work in what is a very competitive industry. I need to make steps that with make me stand out from the crowd and show off my full potential.

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